Groundwater Remediation and Monitoring Who and What Are These Services Used For?

Water treatment companies

It’s no secret to most people that the world’s fresh water is vulnerable to pollution. From toxic oil spills to chemicals seeping into groundwater, there are a variety of reasons that agencies and organizations throughout the United States may choose groundwater monitoring and remediation services, which use their own equipment to monitor and clean water, groundwater, and wastewater.

These services are crucial in maintaining the quality of the world’s water. They can remove chemicals, pesticides, solid waste, and other substances from water when necessary. Here are just a few of the organizations, agencies, and companies that rely on groundwater remediation contractors:

Water Treatment Plants
Because water treatment plants are responsible for delivering clean drinking water to homes and businesses, they tend to monitor groundwater and other sources for harmful pollutants. While water treatment equipment can remove some toxins, it’s not always possible to do so. For this reason, water treatment plants need to keep an eye on all chemical levels in order to ensure clean drinking water for everyone.

A city, whether they have their own water authority or not, may also choose to monitor its water supply. They may also choose a remediation contractor to ensure that new constructions or public renovations do not cause pollution. For example, they may use a dewatering process, which removes water from the soil, or they may use a chemical treatment process to remove toxins from water.

Industrial Corporations
Industrial wastewater treatments can remove harmful pollutants before they reach the groundwater or municipal water supply, so they may rely on the services of a remediation company. Groundwater monitoring and remediation is especially important for companies that produce toxic waste or are at risk for having chemicals seep into the water table. This monitoring may be done in order to avoid violating environmental laws later on; it can also keep those living around an industrial complex safe from pollution.

Environmental Organizations
Environmental agencies will often perform studies involving groundwater monitoring and remediation methods to ensure that corporations and water treatment systems comply with regulations. While some studies are purely academic, others may seek to punish violators for contaminating the water supply with toxic waste.

Groundwater accounts for approximately 95% of the nation’s freshwater, but only 3% of all the Earth’s water is fresh. The reasons to keep it clean are self-explanatory. If you have more questions about groundwater remediation or other water treatments, be sure to contract one of these services to find out more.

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