Gateway Services in a Digital World


Gateway services are a fundamental part of the ever evolving digital community. As technology develops and becomes more user-friendly, more people are turning to their ever present smart phone or tablet to facilitate daily purchases. Everything from a collectible at auction to their favorite latte can be purchased and ordered from the convenience of their mobile device. This reality is directly impacting the expectations of consumers and the need for merchants to offer gateway services that are secure and easy to use.

Payment Processing

Very rarely do people purchase services or goods with cash anymore. Instead, they are relying more heavily on gateway services to act as an intermediary between them and the seller. Whether the transactions are online or in person, many people want the freedom to pay from whichever of their accounts they feel best suits the purchase.

Increasingly, consumers are turning to mobile platforms in search of reliable gateway services. Some estimates have suggested that in the United States as much as 50 percent of digital purchases will be made on mobile platforms within the near future. There are a variety of merchants who offer mobile pay options to customers who are purchasing something digitally or in person. This gives people the ability to pay with credit cards, gift cards, digital currency, funds that are in digital accounts, or funds in their personal bank accounts.

Secure Payment Options

Secure payment processing is just as important to merchants as it is to customers. In 2014, PayPal was on of the most popular payment processing companies. It had nearly an 80 percent usage rate, but they are not the only merchant payment gateway. Other gateway services have been gaining ground because both consumers and merchants desire a variety of payment options.

Surveys of American Express, MasterCard, and Visa card holders showed that about 80 percent of consumers felt merchants needed to offer as many payment options as possible. The type of service or goods being sold didn?t matter, consumers want the control of choosing how to pay for the items and services they want.

Secure gateway services are necessary for companies that wish to enjoy a share of the nearly $1 million in revenue generated every 30 seconds via desktop sales, and the nearly $300,000 of sales via mobile devices. Finding gateway services that match your customer’s needs and the needs of the company have never been more important to the growth of your business.

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