Galvanized Steel Decoded


The most recycled material in the world is steel. According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, 88% of steel is recycled in the world. In North America alone, 69% of steel is recycled. Why do you ask? For starters, it’s strong and can be easily manipulated to be re-purposed for other things. It reacts to changes in temperature meaning it expands and contracts. Now, steel parts are more dent resistant and 30% stronger than they were even just a decade ago. Structural buildings, houses and even car parts are made from steel. On refrigerators, steel hinges can support more than 140-pounds of door weight and do this without sagging.

Galvanized steel strapping are the most popular demand in the steel industry. For this reason, steel strapping manufacturers and suppliers have to work efficiently and strategically to meet these demands. Steel production often uses mass amounts of energy. In more recent years, the amount of energy and even steel used for projects has been significantly reduced. For example, since 1972, energy required to produce just a ton of steel has been reduced by 34%. When the Golden Gate Bridge was constructed, 83,000 tons of steel was used. Now, about half that amount would be necessary.

Galvanized steel is just about anywhere steel is needed. This steel has gone through a chemical process which prevents it from corroding. This makes the steel itself more durable and the structure being build last longer. The zinc oxide coating gives the metal a scratch resistant finish desirable to many consumers. In fact, stainless steel finishes are a big trend in the home improvement industry. Many homeowners and renters desire stainless steel appliances over other materials. There has even been a trend of creating stainless steel kitchen islands and counter-tops rather than the popular granite. Galvanized steel is easy to clean and is a gives a great industrial look to any space.

Since the demand for steel strapping is so high and there are so many suppliers in the industry, steel strapping suppliers have to find ways to stand out from the rest. In the U.S., the best way to generate more profit is to manufacture steel strapping in-house which is not something many suppliers can say they do. This provides businesses with the opportunity to get quality materials at a low cost almost anytime they need it. With today’s growing economy and the fact that many things are not produced in the U.S. anymore, that kind of efficiency and service is more valuable than ever.

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