Fun Facts About Cruise Ships

Off shore vessel part  and equipment

For many people, taking a luxury cruise seems like a dream come true. Relaxing on deck, the tropical breeze running through your hair, crew members delivering delicious drinks with umbrellas in them: what could be more relaxing? While a cruise vacation may seem like effortless relaxation to travelers, the cruise companies put in a lot of work to make that seem like the truth. Here are some fun facts you may not have known about the cruise industry.

  • The largest cruise ship in the world is only two inches longer than the second-largest, consumes over 2,400 gallons of fuel hourly, and uses enough electrical wiring to stretch across the United States.
  • Most cruise ships have an average crew of over 1,000 people whose job it is to prepare lay-outs for galleys, clean cabins, and keep vessel parts in prime operating condition. Waitstaff, engineers, entertainers, and an experienced installation team to provide full repair services complete the crew ranks.
  • In the past, most luxury cruise ships were built with four funnels, or smokestacks, though only three were functional. The fourth funnel was used for storage of the spare part supply, tools, and other necessities, though its main purpose was to make the ship appear more powerful and prestigious.
  • Modern cruise ships can carry over 3,000 passengers comfortably, with over 2,000 ports of call available to visit. In fact, many cruise ships are so comfortable that senior citizens elect to stay onboard rather than move into an assisted living community. The costs are comparable, but the amenities and sightseeing opportunities on cruise ships make them the more attractive option.

Whether you plan to retire to a cruise ship or simply vacation on one, the amenities and crew are sure to make you feel more than welcome. The specific vessel parts and offerings will vary from ship to ship, so be sure to look around to find the right cruise line and ship to meet your vacation needs.

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