From CNC Machines to Mandrels The Questions about Tube Bending You Never Thought to Ask

Mandrel tube bender

Have you ever considered the number of pipes and tubes you encounter on a daily basis? Chances are, you haven’t, but without those tubes, our lives would be a lot more difficult. Plumbing fixtures, automotive technology, natural gas lines, and other every day objects use tubes and pipes to transfer fluids and energy. Without the tube bending process used to form those tubes, however, we wouldn’t have these items in our lives.

Have questions about tube bending? Here are some questions and answers to clear up this process, including information on tube bending machinery and tools.

What is tube bending and what is it used for?
Tube bending is a catchall term used to explain the process of tube forming and bending. Tubes are bent at specific angles and made into certain shapes using this type of technology. Tubes and pipes are usually made from metals, such as steel or titanium, and they can be found in plumbing, electrical, automotive, aviation, and aerospace applications.

How are tubes bent?
Tubes are bent using various types of machinery and in many different types of processes. For instance, some pipes and tubes are bent using heat at the bending point, typically hundreds or even thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, tubes are bent using tube bending dies to clamp and bend the pipe. A mandrel, which is like a steel rod, is placed within the pipe when bending it in order to prevent it from collapsing.

What machines are used to bend tubes?
Most machinery that bends tubes are CNC tube bending machines. CNC, which stands for computer numerical control, is a type of machinery that uses computers to store settings and program complicated or large manufacturing jobs. CNC tube bending machines help manufacturers create, form, and bend tubes for various high-tech industries in as little time as possible. The goal of CNC machines, such as CNC tube bending machines, is to make manufacturing as simple and automated as possible by helping workers and other machines complete these tasks.

If you have more questions, there are plenty of places to look on the web, including manufacturing websites for tube bending tools. You can also leave a comment below with any general questions.

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