Four Things to Think About When You Think About Outrigger Pads

Jack pads for rv

Outrigger pads can be made of wood, strong plastic, or steel. They are used to stabilize a heavy piece of machinery, such as a crane, or a large recreational vehicle. Using outrigger pads for cranes or an RV can protect the ground from deep indents and offer greater safety for those around the vehicle.

Evenly Distribute the Load.

Outrigger pads from reputable distributors are more than a wooden block you could make in your garage. OSHA code section 1926.1404 has strict requirements for stabilizer pads for cranes and ground mats to ensure the vehicle will be properly stabilized when a load is lifted.

Protect Decorative Concrete.

When traveling in an RV, there are a few options when choosing where to park at night. Sometimes, that place may be atop an area with paver’s stones or other decorative concrete. As an RV can weigh anywhere from 10,000 30,000 pounds with travelers carrying up to 3000 pounds, the steel foot of the RV could damage the ground, possibly resulting in a messy situation when packing up to leave.

Jack pads for RVs are outrigger pads that do the double job of protecting the ground from the jack foot, and helping to stabilize things when the RV is perhaps parked on uneven terrain.

Stabilize the Ground.

Getting back to cranes, outrigger pads are used more for keeping the ground nice and level as the machinery drives over. It is a safety concern, as one study discovered: 53% of documented accidents were a result of improper outrigger pad support.

Ultimately, there are three things to look for when choosing an outrigger pad or jack pad for an RV. First, know how uneven or stable the ground will be. Secondly, know the size of the jack foot of the RV or piece of machinery, and lastly, know the maximum outrigger load of the equipment.

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