Four Things to Expect from Your CNC Tooling

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When it comes to large manufacturing jobs, precision is of the utmost importance. Having computer numerical control tools (or CNC tooling) that makes the right cuts and measurements every time means having the right parts for that machine. From presetters for making the measurements to the correct collets and boring inserts, your lathes and milling machines must have the right parts.

When choosing CNC tooling parts and machines, what should you look for? There are a variety of functions you’ll want your CNC machines to have. Here are some of the most common assets to look for when choosing a machine tool manufacturer:

1. Compatibility: If you need to swap out parts for different jobs, you’ll want to have the ability to do so easily. All machine tools must be able to constrain the item being worked on, and they also have to provide guided movement of the machine’s parts, usually through a computer program. In order for the machine to function, it’s essential to have the right parts to keep it moving.

2. Presetters: Presetters in machines help to give 100% accurate measurements every time. When completing any sort of job, precise cuts in metal, wood, and other materials are needed, especially for mass production. A presetter will ensure that there are few, if any, defects, and it eliminates the chance for human error by helping workers be more disciplined in measuring and managing their CNC tooling.

3. Tool holding: Tool holders are necessary for high-speed, high-velocity CNC machines in large manufacturing jobs. Collets (or chucks) are an example of a tool holder, as they keep boring heads, drills, and other machining parts secured to the machine. Without proper tool holders, the machines would have more breakdowns and be unable to retain a high output.

4. Manufacturing: Great machine tools are often made with great attention to detail, so look for quality first and foremost. In order to get the right measurements, it’s usually good to go with something made by a manufacturer that uses the same measurements that you do. For example, if you use inches in your measurements, buying a product made in the USA could potentially guarantee better results.

Have questions about CNC machines and tools and what you can expect from them? Be sure to contact a trusted manufacturer and leave a comment below. Read more like this:

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