Four Methods to Profitably Recycle Old Shipping Containers

Used shipping container

Shipping is a gigantic part of the world’s economy, as in more of Britain’s GDP than restaurants, take out and civil engineering combined. Considering the magnitude of the shipping industry, the question of what to do with all of those huge steel shipping containers when they are no longer performing their intended function can be overwhelming. Obviously, just dropping them into the Marianas Trench leaves something to be desired, but stacking them up ever higher in shipping yards like a monstrous game of Jenga is not an option either. Well, some rather clever uses have been found for them, some expected, some not so much. Here are 4 of those recycling methods.

  1. Storage Container: This use is the most natural choice, to turn a steel shipping container into a steel storage container. They are weather-proof and rodent proof, so the choice makes sense for consumers too.
  2. Office Space: If you ever see an ad for an office container for sale, do not picture a small plastic filing box. Picture a cargo container office, portable, fit for all weather and safe inside the steel walls. This option fits perfectly with construction jobs, there and perfectly sturdy during the job, then simply moved to the next when it is time.
  3. Shipping Container Swimming Pool : This definitely counts as an unexpected recycling method. However, it does make sense because if it is waterproof on the outside, it follows it would be on the inside too.
  4. Disaster Relief Housing: In situations where people have lost everything and need somewhere, anywhere, to rest, using old shipping containers as housing serves a desperate need. There are certainly worse ways to use them.
  5. Although the structures created by shipping containers are certainly unconventional architecture, they are also highly useful. Given that fact, if you ever do see that add for an office container for sale, you might just want to buy it.

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