Four Ideas for Popping the Question With a Bang!

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Are you about to pop the question? Congratulations! This is such a big occasion, you really have to do it right! It’s not that your intended spouse won’t accept your proposal if it is a yawn-fest (although if this is the case, we recommend couples counseling. Or maybe reconsidering marrying this person at all). We’re saying this because having a kick-butt proposal story is a wonderful thing to share with your kids one day. You have one shot at this. Go big or go home.

When planning your marriage proposal, you want to think outside of the box. Get creative. Do something that will really blow the mind of the love of your life. Maybe something that goes viral. To get your creative juices flowing, read through our list of really awesome marriage proposal ideas, below.

Four Marriage Proposal Ideas That Will Go Down in History

  1. Hire a custom airplane banner towing company to write it in the sky.
    The awesome part of using a custom airplane banner towing company to pop the question for you is the element of surprise. Your future spouse has seen the ring in the champagne shtick a hundred and fifty times. They have probably only seen a custom airplane banner towing company dragging a personalized message somewhere between never and not once before. Make them a beautiful candle light dinner at sunset. Serve them champagne with zero engagement rings in it. When the sun is precisely at the golden hour that makes everything look extra magical, give your custom airplane banner towing guy the green light, to fly across the sky with a sign that says, “Blah blah blah, be my wife or husband forever.” (We recommend replacing “blah blah blah” with their actual name. For the best results.)

  2. Coordinate a flash mob.

    Everyone loves a flash mob. Everyone. Take your intended to a public area. It can be a generic place like the mall or a park. It can be a sentimental place like the location of your first date. It can be an exciting place like Disney Land. Before-hand, place an ad on Craigslist or contact a local dance studio and ask for volunteers. People love participating in flash mobs, and they especially love participating in proposals. When you give them the cue, the music will start and the crowd will break into dance. At the end, your amazed and blown-away future fiance will see you on your knee and will exclaim, “YES!”

    Here’s an extra bonus: Bring in a close friend or relative from out of town, and incorporate them into the dance. This is proposal level: Expert.
  3. Do something you both love.

    There are a hundred great ideas that we could give you, but nothing beats making your proposal about something you both love to do. Let’s say your relationship blossomed through your mutual love of a certain sport. We’ll say baseball, for the sake of this example. What better way to propose than by going on the field before the game starts and professing your love, in a venue that they love.

    There’s no wrong way to do this. Just make a list of your future spouse’s favorite things and the noodle exciting and creative ways to incorporate a proposal into it.
  4. Cross something off your bucket list in the process.

    Is there a place you’ve always wanted to visit? Why not go to that place to make the life changing decision to spend you life together? Maybe your future spouse has always wanted to go scuba diving. Underwater “will you marry me?” sign anyone? Maybe you’ve both dreamed of watching the sunset from a hot air balloon. Waiting until the moment is perfect and then popping the question while floating above the Earth is the ultimate way to pop the question. Yes please!

If you Google “proposal ideas,” you’ll find hundreds of ideas. Some are great. Some are mediocre. Some make you think, “Why would you do that?!” Don’t be that last one.

Having the perfect proposal is extremely important. It’s not important because it is any indication of your relationship or future together. It’s important because your proposal is a memory that will last a lifetime.

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