Four Great SEO Tips Your Company Can Use in 2014

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There has never been a better time to get your company involved with the world of search engine optimization and online marketing. Because search engines are the most popular Internet activity in the world along with email, taking advantage of this massive audience of consumers is essential to success.

But SEO is also a constantly-evolving field of online marketing, and it’s vital for your company to constantly be looking at new SEO tips and strategies to incorporate into its overall SEO plan.

To make sure you don’t fall behind with your search engine endeavors, check out our top four digital marketing and SEO tips for 2014:

1. Go mobile: Many Internet marketing companies agree that optimizing your company’s website for mobile use is no longer an option. Google’s more recent algorithm updates favor websites built with responsive web design, which adapts a website’s layout to the device on which it’s being viewed. Without a mobile-ready website, your site’s chances of SEO success become significantly more slim.

2. Take advantage of local SEO: More and more web users are searching for businesses close to where they live — and local SEO strategies are meant to take advantage of this. Connecting to consumers near your company’s geographic location is more important than ever, so be sure to use local SEO to increase your site’s rankings for locally-focused web searches.

3. Content, content, content: These days, it’s nearly impossible for any company to have a successful SEO or online marketing campaign without creating dynamic, engaging content relevant to what the company offers its customers. By creating this content that incorporates relevant keywords in a non-spammy way, you can get more links back to your site and a better search engine ranking.

4. Build your brand, not links: Google’s recent algorithm changes have been designed to weed out spammy content and shady link-building efforts, which have long been popular ways of boosting a website’s web presence. To get an optimal presence in search engine rankings, your company should cultivate content, both text and video, that builds your brand and brings customers to your company organically. This is a great source for more.

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