Five Tips to Prevent Fires in Your Hotel

Fire protection services

A hotel is a place where guests come to relax. Likewise, a hotel owner wants to rest assured knowing each guest is safe. However, a fire can instantly change the safety of both staff and guests. Luckily, there are precautions that can be taken to keep your hotel a safe location for everyone. In this post, you will learn five ways to keep your hotel safe from fires.

  • Have Current Sprinkler Systems Inspected: You will want to ensure the sprinkler system in your hotel is working properly. There are fire protection companies that will come and inspect your sprinkler systems. Next, you will know if you need to replace any systems or if the sprinklers meet standards. A fire sprinkler repair service will work to fix any problems your sprinkler system has.
  • Ensure Fire Extinguisher Meets Code Standards: The next fire safety area to check is your fire extinguisher. Larger businesses may require having multiple fire extinguishers on site. A fire protection company will ensure your hotel has proper fire extinguisher systems in place. It is wise to have fire alarm inspections done while an extinguisher is being inspected.
  • Establish Smoking Rules for Guests: One study found that fires within a hotel or motel are responsible for 150 injuries and 15 deaths annually. Hotels that allow smoking will want to have clear areas of where smoking is allowed, preferably away from your building. You have the right, as a hotel owner, to not allow smoking within your facility.
  • Ensure Safety of Laundry Facilities: You will want to ensure that employees, not just guests, are avoiding fires. A laundry room of a hotel is where heat and electrical equipment combine. Therefore, it is imperative to keep lint traps cleaned to avoid fires starting in a laundry room.
  • Properly Dispose of Chemicals: Many hotels use a large number of cleaning products throughout their facilities. Incorrectly disposing of chemicals could cause adverse reactions when thrown out. One bad reaction is all it takes for a fire to start within your hotel. Fire protection companies can advise your business on proper precautions to take when disposing of potentially dangerous chemicals. Research shows that motel fires make up for $76 million in yearly property losses.
  • In closing, there are several ways to ensure your hotel is operating smoothly. Fire protection companies will ensure that sprinkler and fire extinguishers are safe. You might want to establish clear smoking rules for guests, if you haven?t done so already. Many fires start in either laundry rooms or kitchens. It is wise to make sure that staff know how to safely work without causing accidental fire hazards. Ensure employees know how to properly dispose of chemicals.

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