Five Qualities to Look For in an HOA Property Management Company

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With all of the different factors a homeowners association must manage, many organizations find that it is helpful to hire an HOA property management company to help simplify their task load. An HOA management company can offer a variety of HOA management solutions to the neighborhoods they serve, from coordinating vendors to enforcing regulations. However, it is important to ensure that your neighborhood is investing in property management services that will properly handle the needs of your community. Before you hire a company to provide HOA management solutions for your neighborhood, look for these five key qualities.

Do They Comply With State Requirements?
Every state has different regulations for HOAs themselves, and also the companies that help manage them. Idaho, for example, requires HOA management services to be registered with the state secretary. Research your area’s rules and then check to see what official evidence exists on the company, such as years in business and their official address. If something questionable emerges during this process, it might be better to work with a different company.

Do They Have a Comprehensive and Effective System of Communication?
In the modern age, companies have no excuse for not having an easy and reliable way for you to reach them. Talk to the business about how you will be able to reach them on weekends, how you can contact them after hours, and who you should notify in the event of an emergency. If you get the sense they won’t be reliable or reachable, contact the next company on your list.

What HOA Management Solutions Do They Promise to Provide?
A good property management company should have a clear description of the services they offer communities, and should be able to explain their practices if you have questions. Look for companies that have set procedures for storing documents and other important tasks, a core set of business objectives, and services that you need.

What Does Their Web Presence Look Like?
The odd’s are that you found the company through an online search. But before you hire them, you should definitely consider how they appear on the world wide web: do they have a reliable website? Can you find online reviews recommending their services? Look for a business that is open about their business objectives, has an appealing philosophy, and is documented as a reliable company.

How Much Will Their Services Cost?
You get what you pay for, and the cheapest company promising you HOA management solutions may not be the best for your neighborhood. However, it is natural to keep your budget in mind: you are paying for this company’s services with your HOA management fees, after all. Accordingly, look for a company that offers services that will help you save money in the long run through careful investment.

Managing an HOA can be difficult, but with the right help, your community will be a well-maintained and efficient place to live. Before you hire a property management company, look for the qualities above to help you make your choice.

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