Five Great Reasons to Advertise With Car Wraps

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Americans spend a huge amount of time driving in their cars. Throughout recent years, the Federal Highway Association has noticed a profound increase in the amount of time that the average person spends driving their personal vehicle. Currently, the average American spends 20 hours each week in his or her car.

If you are looking for new ways to advertise your business, why not take advantage of this fact and advertise to the millions of drivers on the road across the country as well as pedestrians? If you’ve never heard of car wraps, you have probably seen them — but do you know about all the great benefits they can offer to your business?

Here are the top five reasons why car wraps are a great advertising strategy for your business:

1. A great first impression: You’ve probably seen it for yourself while driving around town — car wrap advertising is extremely eye-catching and memorable. With vibrant graphics along the sides of a company van or car, car wraps create an instant recognition of your brand for drivers near your business.

2. Cost-efficiency: Did you know that car wraps are more cost-efficient than virtually any other form of traditional advertising? Of the 30,000 to 70,000 times that vinyl vehicle wraps are viewed daily, an amazing 91% of the vinyl car wrap’s intended audience will respond. And because investing in auto wraps is much cheaper than TV or radio advertising, you will save money while increasing your customer base significantly.

3. Car wraps are non-aggressive: The great thing about car wraps is that they bring attention to your business without shoving it in people’s faces or using aggressive sales tactics. Drivers can look at car wraps without being distracted or interrupted from their daily routine — and their appreciation will show!

4. Car wraps are removable: Vinyl wraps for a company car are highly durable, but can also be easily removed without damage to a car’s paint job if needed. This makes the choice to invest in car wraps incredibly easy, because they can be removed whenever you want.

5. Local awareness: Car wrap advertising specifically caters to drivers near your business — the people who will see your business’ car wraps live close to your business’ location, and will thus be more inclined to stop in to your business. More like this.

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