Fire Suppression Components Every Commercial Kitchen Should Have

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Over 55% of the time, commercial fires start in the kitchen, and spread to the hotel rooms, medical facilities, or dining areas that the kitchen is attached to. Because of the use of high heat and flammable substances, it is essential that any commercial kitchen is up-to-date with relevant commercial fire suppression systems safety codes. Having commercial fire suppression systems in your kitchen is the best thing you can do to protect your employees, your assets, and your customers.

Many commercial property owners are concerned about the high cost of commercial fire protection services, however not having commercial fire suppression systems in place during grease fire often cost property owners more than $25,000; preventing a major fire just one time makes the system pay for itself. Quality commercial fire suppression systems of include several components:

  • Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers
    Wet chemical fire extinguishers are highly recommended for commercial kitchens because they contain a chemical made of potassium acetate which has a low pH level that makes it effective for putting out fires from fryers and grease. The foamy spray mist covers enflamed grease without causing any backsplash that could cause the fire to spread. Any type of fire extinguisher should have an extension wand and a spray nozzle so that the fire can be put out from a distance, without endangering the person operating it.
  • Fire Suppression Kitchen Equipment
    A fire suppression kitchen equipment is hardwired directly into the range hood, fryer, and ovens and detects high temperatures that indicate a fire. When the fire sensor is triggered, it releases a suppression agent directly onto the fire to extinguish it without requiring any human involvement, preventing reflash that would trigger a secondary fire. Some fire suppression systems have overlapping nozzles, which effectively creates a “fire free zone”, as there is no area in the kitchen not heavily protected from fire.
  • Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems
    Sprinkler systems are one of the most effective forms of fire suppression systems on the market. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there is no record of a fire resulting in more than two fatalities if there was a properly working sprinkler system installed. There are four common types of commercial sprinkler systems:

    • Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are designed to go off only in the event of an active fire. These systems are designed for areas that water would create extensive damage to the equipment if they engaged unnecessarily.
    • Dry pipe commercial sprinklers are used in commercial areas that are prone to freezing, since water in the pipes would burst. They are filled with pressurized air that exits before any water hits.
    • Wet pipe sprinklers have pressurize water in them, so that a fire could quickly be extinguished by immediate dousing of water. This is the most common sprinkler system used in commercial areas, especially commercial kitchens. This sprinkler system is the most cost-efficient as well.
    • Deluge fire sprinkler system are used in areas with hazardous material where fire could spread rapidly. This type of sprinkler system is typical in warehouses, manufacturing areas, and places that have highly flammable contents. The total flooding nature of the deluge fire sprinkler system makes it uncommon for a kitchen area.

What fire safety precautions does your kitchen have to keep the staff and clients safe?

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