Fire Sprinkler Systems Detecting And Suppressing Fires

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For many of us, fires remain a bit of a mystery. We know that they are dangerous — not only due to the heat and destructive nature of the fire itself, but the risks that smoke inhalation has to offer. We know that they are strikingly prevalent, with hotel and motel fires alone accounting for 15 deaths, 150 injuries, and $76 million in property losses each year. But the majority of us still view them as an enigma. It doesn’t seem as if they could actually happen to us, and this can make it difficult for people to confront them as aggressively as they perhaps should. Fires are dangers almost everywhere. We can fall prey to fires while staying at hotels or motels, as previously mentioned; but just as easily, a fire could start at our own homes. In fact, fires even strike within hospitals, often with devastating results. Some believe that a smoke detector is enough to ensure that people will get away from fires safely. This is not the case. The best way to stop a fire from destroying lives on every level is to stop the fire itself in its tracks. Fire sprinkler contractors offer the best possible options — devices that not only warn people of the presence of fires, but suppress them. Let’s look into fire sprinkler systems, and how we can not only stop fires but prevent them.

How Do Fire Protection Services Work?

When it comes to fire protection services, the optimal services are sprinkler systems offered by fire sprinkler contractors. Fire sprinkler contractors not only install these sprinkler systems for you, but can ensure that they’re working and repair them when necessary as well. Usually, fire sprinkler systems work in a way that both alerts people of the fire, and suppresses the fire. If smoke is detected, a fire sprinkler system will release water in a way that obviously lets people know of the presence of the fire, and hopefully slows or stops the fire. Some fire sprinkler contractors also offer systems that involve the typical audible alarm as well. Fire sprinkler systems, at their most effective, can potentially stop a fire. But in order to keep them working, they need to be maintained and checked on a regular basis by professionals. The last thing you would want is a system failure in your fire sprinkler. As you’ll read below, a well-maintained fire sprinkler is effective on several different levels.

How Well Does A Fire Sprinkler Really Work?

Clearly, nothing is a stand-in for the work of a firefighter. Fire sprinklers cannot completely stop aggressive fires. However, they can slow them in a way that helps firefighters do their jobs. If a fire detection system can at the very least provide a warning at least 10 to 15 minutes before the fire has reached its incipient stage, it should give the firefighters time to arrive and limit the damage. This is regardless of whether or not a suppression system has activated, in which case the chances of damage being limited are even higher. Some worry about the water damage a fire sprinkler system can cause, should it activate in a false alarm. In fact, quick response sprinklers only release 24 gallons of water per minute. This is in contrast to other systems that release 80 to 125 gallons of water per minute. Therefore, a fire can be suppressed; but in case of a false alarm, the risk of water damage is reduced.

What Should I Look For When Preventing A Fire?

Although fire sprinkler systems are great ideas, the best thing is obviously to prevent a fire in the first place. A shocking amount of fires begin in the kitchen. Always be ready to stop a stovetop fire from expanding, and try to keep flammable things away from the oven or stove. Electrical fires are also a big risk, so keep your electrical wiring as well-maintained as possible.

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