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Your house is yours. This is a guarantee that makes equity loans safer for lenders , and can be more affordable for the borrower.

As per the Federal Trade Commission, you may borrow up to 15% of your home equity. For instance, say you have $100,000 of your home equity, which means you can borrow up to $85,000. So, even if you do not possess a large amount of home equity, you could not be able to obtain a substantial amount of credit.

An equity home loan may be referred to as a second mortgage, as you will have another loan you can pay back along with your primary mortgage.

Home Equity Loan Eligibility Requirements

There are a few requirements that must be met to qualify to receive a loan from your home equity:

Equity In The Home – The house must have equity that is at or above 20%. Excellent Credit Score: A score of about 650 and above should work. Lower Debt-to Income (DTI) Ratio. Many lenders will consider a DTI ratio of between 44% and 50 percent. It is a good idea to have a steady income. Your income must be sufficient for the repayment of the loan. Advantages of Home Equity Loan

Fixed interest rate home equity loans come with fixed interest rates. The rate will not increase even when rates rise in the marketplace. With a home equity loans and knowing exactly the amount you’ll be required to repay from the very beginning.

You can predict how much you’ll have to pay in the course of the loan.

Lower interest rates The interest rates have dropped on nearly all types of loans in recent times. However, home equity loans can be secured, giving your lender more security and right to apply low interest rates to your loan.

The interest that you pay to your home equity loan may be tax deductible if you utilize it for home renovations. An accountant can assist you estimate the tax that will be paid based upon your financial circumstances.

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