Factors to Consider When Renting a Warehouse

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Warehousing and distribution are essential for all manufacturing and commercial processes, making it possible for goods to to be stored and shipped quickly and efficiently over long distances via complicated supply chains. As well as size, location matters in commercial warehousing. Easy access to various forms of transportation are a major consideration when renting a warehouse.

Important considerations in renting a warehouse
Industrial warehouse space is used by manufacturers, shippers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transporters, and customs to safely store goods until they can be moved to their destinations or to retail locations. Location, size, safety and other facilities are all important considerations when it comes to renting a warehouse.

  • Safety
    Safety and lighting are important when finding a warehouse to rent. Well lighted surroundings and streets as well as a secured entry provide safety for goods. Indoor lighting can be just as important for the safety of goods and workers. On site security staff who can monitor the site and carry out regular patrols can also prevent break ins and burglaries.

  • Size
    The amount of warehousing space needed by a business may vary over time. This is why many businesses prefer the option of renting a warehouse to buying their own spaces. Renting a warehouse gives them the option to increase storage space as it becomes necessary.

  • Location
    Easy access to air, road, rail and even shipping transportation can be a very important in leasing a warehouse. Locations such as Lakeland FL, which is a major transportation hub, are a natural choice for locating and renting a warehouse. It has easy connections to multiple types of local, regional, national and even international transportation.
    In addition, it is a population center, located in the middle of the state of Florida, within a 100-mile radius of more than 8.5 million people. This is a customer base that most major suppliers and retailers will be eager to reach.

  • Loading and unloading facilities
    Depend on the nature and size of the goods to be stored, cranes and forklifts may be needed. Forklifts are also needed to move goods inside the facility, for efficient storage and retrieval.

Even during an economic recession, basic goods and food must be transported. This is why there has never been a decrease recorded in the amount of warehouse space since 2000. Since that time, occupied distribution and warehouse space has actually shown an increase of 86.2%. At the present time, the storage and warehouse leasing industry employs around 166,907 people in the U.S.

For many businesses, renting a warehouse is a better option than buying and maintaining their own spaces. It gives them the flexibility to increase or decrease space as needed, while ensuring that basic safety and other services will be provided.

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