Essential Home Machine Shop Supplies

Are you considering putting together a home machine shop? Are you a machinist who wants to be able to work from your garage? Maybe you’re new to the world of machinery and want to learn more, or you want to make sure you have everything you need for your home machine shop. Whatever your reason is for being here, we are going to provide you with a list of essential machine shop supplies that you need to get working.

Measuring Tools

Some of the most basic, but most important tools you will need are measuring tools. Calipers, micrometers, magnetic bases, and travel dial indicators are all great things to have. You can even purchase pocket calipers than you can keep with you as you move from one thing to the next.

Lathe Tool and Bits

Another key piece of your machine shop is going to be your lathe tool with different bits. You will need to be able to change out the bit depending on what task you are performing, so having a variety on hand is a wise choice.


Grinders are a necessity for metal working. The ability to grind down the metal to create the shape and function you need is very important. You should have both a carbide grinder and a die grinder. Die grinders come in varying powers and speeds, so the best die grinder is going to be something that has a wide range of ability.

Tool Set

An absolute must of machining is a good tool set. You need something that comes with a large variety of items so that you always have the tool you need in the right size. A GearWrench tool set is a great option that comes with lots of items.

Floor Jacks

Floors jacks are important for being able to lift heavy machinery so that you can get to the spaces you need to get to. A strong and effective jack will help out a great deal and keep you safe. There are also portable floor jacks that can be easily stored away to save space.

This list of items is a great place to start for creating your at home machine shop. There will still be other items you need, but these basics will help to get some functions of your shop up and running.

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