Enterprise Resource Planning in the Food Industry and How it Can Assist With Preventing Food-Borne Illness

Food and beverage software system

Food-borne illnesses are a significant public safety issue throughout the world. This is also the case within this country. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported on recent data regarding this problem from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As a result of these types of diseases, the following issues occur within the United States every year:

  • 48 million people become sick
  • 128,000 people are hospitalized
  • 3,000 people die

it is important to note that the FDA and other concerned parties consider this public health issue to be highly preventable. Given this, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was enacted by Congress. This act’s intended purpose is to focus on preventing, rather than only responding to, food-borne illnesses and the unfortunate consequences that arise from them.

The FSMA was also enacted, according to the FDA, in order to address the changes that are occurring with the global food system. It is hoped that this acts will increase understanding on the dynamics of food-borne illnesses and their resultant dire consequences. In addition to being an obvious and pervasive public health problem, food-borne illnesses also pose a serious economic threat to the overall food industry.

One of the resources that can assist businesses with preventing these diseases from occurring is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. In addition to changing how business operations are conducted, food ERP software is designed to assist the food industry with keeping track of inventory, delivery systems, and other vital functions.

When you’re in the perishable food business, for example, food ERP software can assist you with food inventory management. If you’re in the business of delivering perishable goods, then food ERP software can also provide you with mobile inventory management and other important features. When you adopt this software, you will be making a positive contribution to preventing food-borne illnesses in this country and throughout the world. Furthermore, you will also be taking a significant step toward creating and maintaining positive customer relationships. Learn more about the benefits of this software by contacting a consultant today.

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