Does the Signage of a Business Have an Effect On Marketing?

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A very easy and simple method to increase visibility for a business is new signage. LED signs for businesses can be especially effective at gaining people’s attention. In fact, some surveys indicate that as much as 35% of customers wouldn’t have discovered a business if it weren’t for a sign.

What Are the Considerations For Adding New LED Signs For Businesses?

Signage is important for a business, as studies have shown it can and does bring in more customers. Nearly 17% of Best Buy’s customers are able to easily find its stores because of the distinctive sign. Here are a few tips on how to add a new sign to your business to achieve the best results.

What Makes Business Signage Stand Out?

Every time people are outdoors, nearly 37% of them catch themselves looking at the signs for nearby businesses. Some of the common tactics include bright colors and flashy lettering. LED signs for businesses have moving graphics that catch a person’s eye.

What Should the Sign Say?

This may seem obvious, but the sign should have the name of the business. The store hours can also be helpful. However, it is a bad idea to have too much lettering on a sign. The person won’t remember the important piece, which of course is the business name. When in doubt, keep it very simple and straightforward.

What Size Should a Business Sign Be?

The sign should be large enough to be easily read from a decent distance away. With that said, bigger is not always better. After a certain size, it just becomes a waste of money, as well as space. For LED scrolling signs, the size may need to be a bit larger than it would comparatively be for a simple vinyl sign.

Businesses that have signs seem to have success in pulling in customers. It doesn’t need to be an enormous sign, but the size does matter. It might seem odd that something as simple as a vinyl sign can improve marketing. But time and time again, customer surveys have shown that the average person does take the time to read signs. Make sure they can read yours.

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