Do You Need a Small Business Loan?

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Remember what you thought your new job was going to be like? Remember all of the things the recruiter said to draw you in? That’s all those promises are, memories. If you could take all of those promises and turn them into a reality you would have the perfect business plan for a new start up company.
Maybe that’s what you should do, add details and the other necessary requirements for a viable business plan, get a small business loan, and create your dream job, a far cry from where you find yourself right now. You can join the entrepreneurs of your generation. By the year 2013, the percentage of baby boomers starting their own businesses had reached nearly 24%. This is an impressive growth from the 1996 14%.
Perhaps because we live in a world that allows us to work from anywhere at any time, more and more entrepreneurs are getting working capital loans for small businesses and creating their own jobs. When you have been college educated, but then disappointed by what the real job world has to offer, starting your own career can be the best option. The option for this approach is even more enticing when you know that nearly all of these start up costs, as much as $5,000 in the first year, are deductible.
In order to get a small business loan though, these new entrepreneurs must have a plan. The following steps are brief descriptions of the steps for a workable business plan:

  • Executive Summary This needs to be a three to four page written explanation about the purpose and goal of your proposed business. You will need to include things like how much start up money you are seeking, and what your plan is for return on investment. Although the Executive Summary is first in a business plan, it often works best if it is written last, after you have thought through all of the other steps.
  • Explain the Description of Your Company If you are opening an Italian restaurant, for example, your description will need to highlight the type of customers you want to attract, your theme for decorations, and the plan you have for kitchen staffing hierarchy. Explain whether you are going to lease, rent or buy the business space.
  • Explain the Management Team This part of the business plan will need show the resumes of the top executive team, the salaries they will be paid, and what your plan is for return on your investment.
  • Explain the Setting for the Business Analysis This section will talk about the market you are entering and how you will be planning to capture your part of this market.
  • Explain Your Strategy for Marketing Explain how you will advertise your new business. This section can include your website design plan, your ideas for creating a customer database, and special promotions that you plan to incorporate.
  • Explain Your Plan for Operations What are your plans for accepting payments, paying employees, and finding the staffing you will need to hire and keep? Explain who your main suppliers will be and what you will do to train your employers and your management.

Small business create more than half of all of the jobs in America. Isn’t it time you became part of these statistics? Create a thorough business plan, find the best available small business loan, and start your dream career.

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