Do You Have a Need for Extra Storage Space During a Construction Project?

Portable building

It looks like a mini city. In the typically empty lots that surround the ball diamond in downtown Omaha, an entire new city has formed. From portable buildings that serve as first aid stations to cooling tents with plenty of free bottled water to food trucks and open air buildings full of shirts from every team in the tournament, the portable building company in the area has outdone itself this year. The 2017 College World Series Tournament is site to behold. For while the real action of the games is inside the stadium as eight teams from across the nation battle it our for the national title, it is impossible to ignore the mini city created from modular buildings of all shapes and sizes. Even the Omaha Police department has its own home tucked away in the loading dock area at the back of the stadium.
Portable Building Company Offerings Can Help Their Clients Serve a Number of Needs
From schools to churches to expansions for businesses, the services provided by portable building company providers can help solve many problems.
Temporary storage for school renovations. The last day of school can be an interesting site in many places. For teachers who work in buildings where summer construction is going to take place, the end of the school year can mean boxing up absolutely everything in a classroom and moving it to spaces provided by a local portable building company. Bringing in buildings allows the move from classroom to storage to be handled without moving trucks. Making use of the parking lot that is not needed for the summer, these temporary buildings can easily be placed on site and then quickly moved away when the project is complete.
Construction offices for long term projects. Some construction sites are used for months, sometimes years. In an effort to provide office space for interviews with new workers or meetings with contractors, a temporary building can be both heated and cooled so that it can serve as a great office space. An onsite location to store engineering plans and other important licenses and work permits, these portable offices serve as a great solution for large construction firms. And while many companies rent these buildings, they can also be purchased and moved one from one work site to another. It is important to remember, however, that electrical, plumbing, and duct work are often not factored into the initial pricing, so final costs can be 20% more than the initial quote.
Onsite retail storage space. Permanent or temporary buildings next to large retail companies can provide needed storage for seasonal items that will soon fill the inside retail display areas. Delivered already packed full of holiday items, for instance, a temporary building can take the place of another building that has been filled with merchandise that is ready to be transported to another site. Permanent buildings, however, can serve as back up nonperishable inventory for items that move quickly. Large amounts of paper goods are one example, but the items that are stored in these storage structures are as varied as the merchandise that is found in the store.
An entire industry works to provide churches, schools, retailers, construction companies, and entertainment venues with a variety of portables:

  • Some modular homes can be built in the factory in as little as one to two weeks.
  • Because they are produced in 20% of the time and at 50% the cost of site-built homes, manufactured housing is an affordable option for many Americans. These buildings are assembled in a controlled, factory environment, and they use fewer materials and therefore generate 35% to 40% less waste than comparable units that are built onsite.
  • Modular construction decreases design and construction time by as much as 50%, with fewer change orders, improved cash flow, and earlier occupancy.
  • 40% of surveyed contractors surveyed indicate that prefab and modular construction is a growing part of their business, as well as part of their initiatives for future strategic construction plans.
  • With a controlled manufacturing environment, modular construction has other advantages as well. For instance, this method has far fewer weather delays or damage than the traditional construction model. As a result, projects can be completed 40% faster.

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