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The laws of every country is distinct. Every country permits divorce under specific circumstances. Can you get spousal support through a legal separation? As part of a legal separation it is possible for a judge to decide on child custody and the amount of support, alimony and property split. However, as previously noted both spouses will be legally married, and are in a position to get married again until they are granted divorce.

One spouse might refuse to complete the final, formal decision even if it is clear that they are intended to separate. For reasons of expressing anger or opposition Some spouses opt to refuse to sign divorce papers or avoid the process altogether. Do you have the right to not get divorced? Although these choices could complicate the divorce process, they are unlikely to keep divorce from happening. You can usually get a final separation even if your spouse is unwilling to adhere to the law. All it depends on is the situation you’re in. While a lawyer doesn’t need to be involved in a divorce proceeding, it’s important that you are aware of the steps to take to fight for a divorce.


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