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Virtual work is still a fairly new concept. There was a time when this type of employment was unheard of; however, these days it has become a type of work that is very much accepted by employees and employers alike.

Many business owners see unlimited benefits in letting their employees work remotely. Statistics show that, on average, companies that allow their workers to telecommute are seeing a reduction in absenteeism of up to 63% as compared to when all employees worked in the same physical location. Many people consider the opportunity to work remotely, or from home, as a benefit of their job. When interviewed and asked if working remotely is worthwhile and profitable, 67% of professionals said yes. Employees asked said one of the most appreciated benefits of working remotely is not having to travel to and from work each day. They find that they are spending the time working that they used to spend commuting.

A virtual office exists in cyberspace and is accessed by computer, cellphone, and other types of technology. Virtual office providers are companies that offer different office solutions for businesses who prefer to save the cost of renting space, buying office furniture, and hiring employees. For a month to month membership, employers will be given a physical address and telephone number, receptionists to answer and transfer calls as instructed, the use of office space for short time periods each month, and much more. The client company will be given a choice of different cities worldwide from which to choose their business address. For a monthly fee an employer can rent virtual office space from which they will be able to run their business effectively. Taking advantage of different office solutions is a fairly new concept and is definitely an office solution that is unique.

Part of virtual office packages is the access to fully furnished and equipped board rooms and meeting rooms when needed, and the ability to use fax and email services. Some virtual office services will even provide a multilingual receptionist to answer and field telephone calls.

Companies that offer different office solutions have created several types of packages to choose from. Most services provide assistants who will not only take phone calls, but will take orders, set up and confirm appointments, make reservations, and answer client questions according to the information given them by the client. They provide voicemail services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many will offer the first month free to new clients. Mail will be forwarded to whatever address the client chooses, and live web chat is available, set up exactly how the customer prefers. Such services as outbound calling and order processing are also available with some companies. A robot receptionist is also available for those who prefer, that will answer business calls round the clock, reroute phone calls to a predetermined number, take messages, and transfer calls as instructed by the business owner.

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