Diamond Like Carbon Coating Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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What is DLC coating?
DLC coating is an abbreviation for ‘diamond like carbon coating.’ It is one of several industrial coatings that has properties similar to natural diamonds. This can be anything from low friction points, a high hardness factor, and good resistance to corrosion. There are various types of DLC coating and they all can have different properties or structures but all rely on a balanced ratio of diamond and carbon as well as smaller amounts of hydrogen, metal and silicon. Basically, it is an extremely strong and durable finishing that can be used in different applications.

What is coated by diamond like carbon coating?
The common applications for DLC coating are things that need high heat resistance points like cylinders, gear pumps or pistons as well as piston rings, wrist pins, fuel injectors, rotors, mechanical seals, cutting tools for durable alloy metals and other parts. Using diamond like carbon coating helps to keep the products strong for a long period of time in order to make them last. If diamond like carbon coating is used then it is because the product could benefit from some of the properties listen above that are in diamond like carbon.

What equipment is used to coat objects?
The type of coating equipment that is used depends on the type of diamond like carbon that is going to be applied. Generally, the techniques used by coating equipment are a combination of compression, pushing and pressing. Good coating equipment will ensure that the atoms cannot spring apart. Pushing the atoms together has to be done vigorously to avoid that. In order to properly picture coating equipment being used, you can think of a hail or projectiles that comes down on the object, combining heat and pressure in order to produce a synthetic or natural diamond like coating.

What are the benefits of DLC coating services?
A few of the great things about having an object coated with diamond like carbon is that it offers not only a high level of hardness and durability to the object but it also ensure that the surface of the object cannot be roughed up or easily damaged. It also protects it from potential corrosion and is bio compatible. Not only that but the coating is actually removal. It doesn’t have to be permanent but it still works well and can be permanent if necessary.

Who uses DLC coating?
DLC coating is used by a lot of different industries. Watch makers, gun manufacturers, machine factories and vehicle creators all have access to the coating and do use it quite often. Even Formula One race cars and NASCAR vehicles used this coating because while it may look great, it also is very functional. They use it mainly because the coating can protect the car and thus the driver in the event of a collision. Phone companies are even picking up on the benefits of this type of coating; Apple recently cover their stainless steel watch, The Space Black, with diamond like carbon.

How environmentally friendly is diamond like carbon coating?
Surprising, it is quite easy on the atmosphere. Well, maybe this is not that much of a surprise. The thing is, more and more these days, companies and manufacturers are facing a much higher level of pressure to make sure that their services are being preformed in an environmentally friendly manner and all their objects produced are the same. Because of this, some companies have made their DLC coating to be non toxic with a focused spray lines. Most companies are trying to make the coating completely hazard free as well as not emitting waste products into the atmosphere. This makes it even more attractive for use, on top of everything else.

What are the disadvantages to DLC coating?
The only real disadvantages that have been found have to do more with the object that is being coated. Sometimes, depending on the material, the internal stress will try to, in essence, pop off the coating. There hasn’t been a way to fix this yet but that means the main disadvantage is that there are some materials that do not adhere well to DLC coating. However, over all, the advantages definitely outweigh to downside to diamond like carbon coating!

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