Design, Color Theory, Location The Necessary Ingredients For A Successful Marketing Campaign

Is your sign helping or hurting your business?

This is a question you do not want to hesitate on. Your marketing campaign is the bridge between your business and your consumer base, even when you’re not actively putting the word out there. From glass door business signs spotted in the corner of a person’s eye to acrylic display risers throughout the store, our world is one of constant communication. While it can seem like a losing battle with so many options on the market, good design has always held steady on a few artistic principles.

Give your business the best possible chance at being spotted in the crowd by following these five basics.

Color Theory Favors Simplicity Over Complexity

It’s often easier to start with what not to do when marketing your business, establishment, or fundraiser. Going for as many colors as possible when crafting your signs is a surefire way to nip your success in the bud. Color theory is a term used to define how colors are used in relation to each other, which includes context and cultural meaning. You’re better off choosing two or three colors for your contemporary glass signs and signage. Anything more and you’ll have to juggle a lot more details in an already complex package.

You Need A Focal Point To Hold Someone’s Attention

If you’re familiar with photography or illustration you might already be aware of this next term. A focal point is exactly what it says on the tin, giving your customers a specific area to draw the eye. This can be in the middle, the largest section of the sign, or just using a bright color to help the gaze travel naturally. According to data released in 2014 over 30,000 SKUs are released on a yearly basis. Standing out means getting in touch with the artistic basics and making sure it applies to every last sign you use, from clear window decals to acrylic display stands.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

In fact…let’s keep the ball rolling and take a look at all the different ways you can get your message across. Full priced merchandise has been found to perform up to 20% better with signage than signage without. Shoppers also make as many as 80% of their purchase decisions while they’re browsing. You can use glass door business signs to catch the attention of bystanders, then rely on clear price tag sleeves and brochure display racks to help guide curious visitors around the store. Custom retail displays are widely considered to be more engaging and charming than mass-produced.

Physical Signs Yield A Strong ROI

Here’s a detail that’ll make you sing. Physical signs aren’t just useful, but also great for giving you a good return on your investment. This works by saving you the money necessary for outreach campaigns (such as with digital banners or newspaper advertisements). The average consumer is exposed to 3,000 advertisements and promotional messages on a daily basis. Maintaining consistent glass door business signs and acrylic display risers will save you some much-needed cash on your digital marketing campaign.

It’s All About Location, Location, Location

You’ll only save money, however, if you put your signs in a smart location. Doing this means asking a few important questions. Do customers have an easy time finding your business and, if not, how can you make the process easier? An interesting Best Buy study found nearly 20% of the store’s customers swinging by from the sign alone. Imagine how many people you could draw to your place of business by placing your custom retail sign holders in a place with a lot of foot traffic.

While the art of the sign can seem difficult to master, it’s far from impossible. See how you can make some improvements to your contemporary glass door business signs and signage this year.

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