Dental Insurance for Small Businesses and Two Other Essential Plans Employers Might Not Consider

Small business health insurance benefits

When the topic of health insurance comes up, most people think about the most common benefits these plans provide. These include regular checkups with the doctor, visits for minor illnesses, and, if necessary, coverage for hospital stays. However, there are plenty of other types of health care that your employees may need in order to stay healthy, and these aren’t the types of services provided by a general practitioner.

Whether you need vision and dental insurance for small business or your employees need other services, like mental health resources, then you have options. Check out these three services you shouldn’t forget about when you choose your company’s health care plan:

Dental Insurance for Small Businesses

While dental care isn’t always included in group benefits for small businesses, it is a necessity for just about everyone. Not only do your employees need to have good dental coverage options, but they also need cleanings and treatments for family members, including dependents. Dental insurance costs can be covered by a traditional group benefits package, or you might also consider using a model that allows employees to save money on out of pocket costs.

Vision Plans

Even if you don’t need glasses, everyone can benefit from getting an eye exam to stay healthy. This essential service isn’t always covered in traditional plan, or the costs can be high, so you may have to explore some other options. One, which will allow employees to pay out of pocket but save money is the health spending account. Health spending accounts are administered by business owners, and they allow employees to place pre-taxed dollars into their own private accounts. This helps them save money on their health insurance and it gives them the freedom to select their own care. This is great for something like the occasional cost of glasses and contact lenses.

Mental Health Coverage

Just as everyone treats broken bones with a hospital trip or a cold with a doctor’s appointment, it’s important to seek help for mental health, too. People see counselors and therapists for a number of reasons, and sometimes it’s just helpful when going through a difficult time in life. However, not everyone has access to these services. Mental health spending is often limited under traditional small business health care plans, and patients often find they have to pay out of pocket. If you think that your employees and their family members could benefit from having these resources, make sure to select a small business health insurance plan, including a health spending account, that will give them what they need.

Have more questions about vision and dental insurance for small business or ways to help with mental health spending? Tell us in the comments.

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