Construction That is Efficient, Economical and Eco-Friendly

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When people think of the word “construction,” many people may think of a slow-moving, expensive and environmentally harmful process. However, there have huge strides made within commercial and residential construction that has made the process much more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

Improved Efficiency within Commercial and Residential Construction

Commercial construction contractors have begun implementing a process called fast-track construction, which overlaps the construction process and the design process of building. In other words, commercial construction contractors will work with the client to develop a design, and once the bottom floor design is approved, they will begin working on that as the other plans are finalized. This greatly improves the efficiency of the job and nearly 40% of projects are now using fast-track construction.
Another tool that has greatly improved the efficiency of construction jobs is the invention and implementation of the 3D-printer. As of January 2013, the 3D-printer could print 6 feet 7 inches of building material per hour. It is expected that the newer 3D-printers will be able to print 11 feet of building material per hour, which would allow commercial construction contractors to complete a building in one week.

Economical Construction
Not only have residential and commercial construction companies improved in efficiency, they have also implemented new strategies to make jobs more economical for the client. They have began to use tools such as electric drywall sanders, cordless tools, and electric pipe-benders and threaders to increase the speed and accuracy of their work. This leads to fewer mistakes, and therefore, less money spent. The efficiency of the jobs will not only save the commercial construction company money, but will also save the client money, as many clients incur the cost of labor.

Eco-friendly Construction
Contractors have begun to implement environmentally friendly methods during residential and commercial building construction. Many contractors and clients are choosing to build sustainable architecture, which includes the use of used or recycled materials. These materials can include reclaimed lumber, recycled copper and many other materials that would otherwise go unused. They have also begun using low-impact building materials wherever it is possible. In the past, many residential and commercial construction contractors used building insulation materials that contained toxic or carcinogenic materials, which negatively impacted the people as well as the environment. One example of a new, low-impact building material is insulation that is made from low volatile organic compound-emitting materials. In other words, it’s much better for the environment. These materials can range from cellulose insulation or even recycled denim.

So, next time you are looking for a contractor, consider researching which companies in your area offer some of these methods to save yourself some money and to help the environment as well.
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