Common Uses of Cold Rolled Steel

How is Cold Rolled Steel Different From Hot Rolled?

Cold rolled steel is different from hot rolled steel, because it is rolled out at room temperatures rather than under intense heat. This kind of steel is harder and more resilient than its heated counterpart.

Cold formed sheet pile has many uses. It is essential to multiple industries and manufacturers. Many of its functions are for every day things that people use all over. It starts out at a sheet piling company but then makes its way out into the world as a part of something fully functional. It is in our homes, in our work places, and in our schools. Below we will take a look at a list of some of the common uses for cold rolled steel.

Large Appliances

Steel suppliers and their cold rolled steel help to create objects we use at home regularly. Things such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators all use this kind of steel, which means we see it all the time without even leaving the house.

Building and Construction

Another industry that a sheet piling company supplies to is the construction industry. Cold formed sheet pile is used in the construction of buildings and is a strong, resilient option for construction industries.


There are multiple automotive uses for this kind of steel. From body panels to exhaust pipes, it is a part of many cars on the road.

Lockers and Metal Furniture

You can find the product of cold rolled steel in places like schools or gyms. Both the metal cabinets where files are kept and lockers in the hallways or dressing rooms use it.

Light Industrial Industries

Sheet metal can be found all over in light industrial factories. From metal toolboxes to industrial shelving, cold rolled steel is a common thing to find in industrial applications.

Cold Rolled Steel is Everywhere

The metal industry has no shortage of customers and uses. Sheet metal has endless applications both big and small. A sheet piling company has many different avenues they can venture down for business and sales. Just about anywhere you go there’s a chance you will run into something that was formed from cold pressed steel.

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