Color Is A Powerful Tool How You Can Use Colored Price Stickers To Organize Your Life

How do you organize your life when there are a million and a half details to attend to?

This is the question that every working American asks themselves at one point or another. The ones that get answers depends all on their technique. Some prefer to hire extra help to get their office space or home looking more organized. Others prefer to do things on their own, even if it means learning a new skill. Whether you want to do the former or the latter, it never hurts to have a few techniques in your back pocket.

Colored price stickers and adhesive label tape could be just what you need to inject a little more sanity into your work routine. Let’s take a look at the psychology behind color and how more organization can help you feel more competent.

The Psychology Surrounding Color

Just what do you know about color and the effect it has on you? Just look at any bold red stop sign or bright orange construction cone to get a clue on what color does as a communication device. When you use colored price stickers you utilize color to make sense of your environment and organize your week piece-by-piece. A 2002 study on color and memory recognition found subjects performing 10% better on standardized tests that incorporated color, compared to black and white. What could some colored dot stickers do to help you find documents, books, and tools?

Negative Impact Of Clutter On Your Stress Levels

Let’s keep looking at clutter and what it does to your psyche over time. Messy desks and lost items has been closely linked to high stress levels, which can affect your mood and leave you feeling frustrated instead of productive. Colored printable label sheets can help you sort through all sorts of leaflets and papers without wasting time, letting your eyes hone in on what you need as quickly as possible. Consider taking an hour or two this week to sort through your stuff and label it properly. You’ll be surprised how much time you save down the road.

Everyday Function Of Color Coding Stickers And Tape

What other functions come with seemingly innocuous tools like adhesive printable dot stickers and book binding repair tape? Well, back in 2016 there were over 65 billion parcels shipped. The average day sees the UPS handling at least 15 million packages…and that doesn’t even cover other offices, studios, and companies in the country! Organization is a fact of life, but not everyone gets the hang of this skill until later in their life. Now is the best time to start figuring out smart storage, labeling, and design habits.

Smart Habits To Develop Early

Did you know color increases brand recognition by up to 80%? That’s just the tip of the iceberg on how you can harness color, textures, and patterns to your will. A good habit to develop early is keeping all your important information in one place. This means using folders and sleeves to separate your documents, homework, and any sensitive information you don’t want falling into the wrong hands. Hobbyists might want to invest in a filebox or stackable cube organizer to keep up with the theme of color and placement.

Using Labeling And Organizing To Your Advantage

Colored price stickers are just one tool out of many. You should embrace your creativity and how it can be used to solve problems as they come…and even before they do! Today over 85% of shoppers will cite colors as the primary reason why they buy a particular product. You can use colored price stickers when setting up your shop and you can use custom adhesive labels at home for an extra dose of sanity. Slowly, but surely, you’ll see your life coming together in a way it hasn’t before.

Who knows? Color and organization might just become your new favorite things!

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