Car Thief Cant Figure Out How to Drive Stolen Car – Car Talk Credits

In other words, someone might try to steal your car. That’s exactly what’s going on in this clip. However, what follows could be even more extraordinary.

Justin French worked late in late at night in the St. Louis gas station. While he was about to go to the car and get home, a person with a gun approached him. The criminal instructed him to turn around and keep going. Justin obeyed the instructions, while the car thief quickly tried to take the car. He was not expecting anything. Justin’s vehicle is not your average car. This car is an old stick-shift. He tried to move the vehicle. His attempts to move the vehicle did not work. A thief-in-training actually jumped off the vehicle, and then flew away. Unfortunately, for him, he had no clue to drive with a stick. Maybe , a stick-shift is the most effective anti-theft device in the end. This criminal will require legal representation if he is ever caught. It’s better than to remain on the safe side of the law.


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