Can Trenchless Sewer Options Help Me Save My Favorite Rose Bushes?

Sewer camera inspection

Not again. Seriously, you are not sure how much more of this you can take. For the third time this year, an overflowing basement sump pump has caused water damage to your newly finished basement. Until you turned the children’s favorite play space into a beautiful and well furnished television room, with a beautiful pool table and full wet bar, you never had water in the basement. When the boys were little and the cement basement floor was a great race track for their trikes, scooters, and even roller blades, you never remember having any issues with the sump pump.
The first full year after installing an expensive new carpet flooring is not the time you wanted to be dealing with water damage. If the problem was as simple as dealing with installing a second or bigger sump pump, the problem could have been solved immediately. You are just now discovering, however, that the problem is much bigger.
A sewer camera inspection indicates that the entire sewer line leading to your house needs to be replaced. Complicating matters, the year before you finished the basement, you redesigned the backyard and put in a new patio, deck and gazebo. Even the thought of tearing up the shrubbery and flowers to replace the sewer system is overwhelming. The additional expense of having to tear up sidewalks, pavers, decking, patio and gazebo is the stuff nightmares are made of.
After further investigation of all of the options though, your husband may have found a residential sewer pipe repair contractor who may have the solution. An even more thorough pipe inspection indicates that the contractor can use a trenchless plumbing process to fix the problem without causing damage to the current outdoor landscaping and structures.
Although trenchless plumbing and sewer repair may seem like a more expensive option than traditional sewer repair, many homeowners find that it can actually be a savings if they do not have to pay to resod their yards, rebuild their decks, or replant their expensive landscaping.
While long considered an option for commercial jobs, the trenchless plumbing process was introduced to the residential market 15 to 20 years ago. As more and more homeowners have to repair or replace aging sewer systems, this less destructive, less messy procedure is becoming more popular in neighborhoods throughout the country. Previously, as many as 78% of Angie’s List customers said they had never before heard of a trenchless sewer repair option, but those percentages are changing.
As a homeowner, it is always disappointing to have to take a step backwards in the home improvement process. The years after making major home improvements is not the time you want to be tearing up new carpet, new landscaping, and new decking to replace an old sewer system. Instead, consider researching to see if trenchless plumbing and sewer options are available in your area.

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