Can color coordination really improve the look of your brand to customers

How much easier does it make finding things when they are color-coded? The benefits of knowing when the same things are grouped together and contain the identical things with color-coding is something that perhaps would benefit many businesses to succeed with. In fact, it is a proven that colors and color coding increases brain recognition by about 80%! Imagine the benefits of knowing exactly what is in front of you just by the way it was labeled? This is one of the many benefits to custom adhesive labels! Being able to sort your priorities and improve your appearance for not only yourself but for customers as well! Besides, it might be fun alone adding a bit of color into your plane and ordinary paperwork and packages.

On a normal day, UPS is in charge of 15.8 million packages. That’s millions of packages that are easily confused for one another. However, if your brand were to use colored adhesive tape or color coding stickers as your custom adhesive labels than your company would automatically be able to stand out in the sea of similarly packed items. Your customers could walk up to their homes after the mail has been received and automatically know that the package which awaits them is the thing that they’ve been waiting for just by the way the package looks.

How do these customized stickers and labels benefit you? Are you concerned that you’re going to be spending money that you don’t need to spend on something that isn’t important? Prioritizing your brand and making it pop with custom adhesive labels gives your customers something that sets your brand apart from the others. For your clients to be able to recognize what the package is just from the label is great brand exposure that will eventually lead you to more sales. Prioritizing your packaging can be one of the best decisions that you can make for your business and all it takes is a bit of appeal to your customers to make this happen.

Before you slap any old label onto the items you’re about to send out, find some custom adhesive labels, make your brand pop against the rest and keep those who buy from you coming back for more just by the care you put into your packages. Your business deserves it.

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