Businesses Lose Thousands Of Dollars Every Year Through Lost Files How Managed Printing Services Help

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Printing is an expensive necessity of everyday business life. It’s necessary to create documents, provide products and cultivate advertisements, among a host of other things, and can leave quite a few small and large businesses in a tizzy when it’s time to save money. Managed printing services, crafted with the digital future in mind, is the way to go when you’re tired of feeling that financial imbalance. These useful resources are able to reduce the amount of documents lost in a given week, thus reducing money wasted and time mismanaged all in one fell swoop.

What Are The Advantages Of Printing Technology?

Technology only gets better and better. What would have taken ages to complete decades ago can be done in a matter of seconds today. This doesn’t mean you should grow complacent, however. Managed printing services can offer you a few different services to ensure you get the most out of your money, from digital document storage to more eco-friendly paper options. Who says you can’t have it all?

What Are The Most Common Troubles Faced By Businesses?

Businesses large and small want to save money as much as they can. With so many different things to print on the daily, though, this can seem an almost impossible endeavor. Both printer and copier costs have been found to be the third-largest office expense behind both rent and payroll. Likewise, an average employee’s printing expenses can cost companies as much as $600 to even $1,300 every year. How do you manage this? By asking for help. Sioux Falls document management companies know the average business expense and, likewise, how to reduce it through some clever digital tricks.

What Are Other Printing Expenses?

There are a few other printing expenses that can see businesses going out of pocket unexpectedly. Filing accounts for a noticeable amount of office debt, with studies showing the average filing cost is at around $20 per document. When it comes to filing mistakes, though? Every misfiled document costs businesses a whopping $125 in lost productivity. After all, workers have to find what went wrong, then reprint and mail it out all over again. It sounds much better to use managed printing services to eliminate these problems before they begin! This then leads into what your business should expect to see in any given workweek.

What Should Businesses Keep An Eye Out For?

Let’s look at a few useful studies to assess the benefits of managed printing services. According to surveys conducted by the Gartner Group, nearly 15% of all paper documents are misplaced and another 8% are lost completely. This causes a lot of running back and forth, resulting in wasted productivity and a lot of hair falling out. An average of four weeks is lost per year waiting on misfiled or mislabeled documents, to boot, and nipping this in the bud with document management companies can see your business soaring to previously unimagined heights.

How Can Managed Printing Services Help Me?

Electronic document management is your secret weapon on the proverbial battlefield of cutthroat business. Print management companies are quite familiar with the ins and outs of misfiled, mislabeled and outright lost documents, providing digital storage solutions to help you better organize your content and keep track of it all during the busy week. The four departments (or aspects of any company) that have been found to benefit the absolute most from document management systems include, but are not limited to — Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Contracts Management and Human Resources. Ready to get back on track? Managed printing services are here to help.

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