Building Ever Higher with the Help of Stage Scaffolds

Stage scaffold

The evidence of human ingenuity is all around us. Take two steps within any populated area, and you will run into an invention or innovation of some kind that is a testament to the intelligence and resourcefulness of humankind. From living in caves to building structures that scrape the sky, we have surely come a long way. And it seems that there are plenty more advancements on the horizon, provided we don’t do ourselves in with some of the discoveries we’ve made along the way. As long as we can all get along, and attempt to take care of the earth that provides us with such a beautiful place to call home, we will continue to build, higher and stronger than ever before.

Construction is one industry that continues to thrive. It seems that our species will always be building something, or renovating something to transform into an even better version of itself. And for this reason, equipment such as swing stage scaffolds will always be high in demand.

Stage scaffolds for reaching higher

Different types of scaffolding
have been in use for years, for various purposes. Up through the beginning of the 20th century, most scaffolding consisted largely of materials made of wood. As buildings grew taller, the equipment used to make it so grew more complex. Today, most of the scaffolding you come across is made mostly of strong metal. But the materials are not the only difference. There is such a wide range of different types of scaffolding now, that no matter the project you have ahead of you, or above you, there is surely a way to reach it. From multiple types of swing stage scaffolds like rigging, motor, and platform, to scaffolding that is supportive or suspended, each has its particular use and function. And each must adhere to specific safety regulations as well.

The evolution of scaffolding and construction

There are numerous types of construction equipment, and these days, there are also numerous rules and regulations that go along with work in the potentially dangerous industry. With jobs that require work at high heights, or in close proximity to incredibly heavy machinery, there are plenty of safety measures in place by now, and rightly so. After too many preventable accidents and tragedies, work standards have shifted to protect employees and the people around the work sites.

Everyone knows the famous photograph Lunch atop a Skyscraper, in which a handful of construction workers lounge easily on a steel beam high above New York City. There are no safety harnesses or nets, and though all of the workers in the photo seem quite comfortable, everyone knows that such a scene would never occur today. Safety regulations simply would not allow it. Whether on beams or scaffolding platforms, there are plenty of security measures that must be in place for workers to get anything done these days. And everyone is safer for it.

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