Benefits of Using Air Cargo

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What do you do with items to ship? Worried about time? Worried about the environment?Contact purchasing agents in USA about air and ocean cargo transport to find solutions to your shipping problems.

Air transport offers point-to-point transportation of goods. It can accommodate things of varying sizes, even fresh and perishable food items. In 2012, $6.4 trillion in cargo was shipped by the global aviation industry. Cargo planes are essential to managing cargo shipped around the world and represent 30% of all shipping value. It can be an environmentally-friendly and time-sensitive alternative to other shipping methods. Below are some benefits of using American cargo shipping.

1. Time sensitive. Air freight has very tight turn around times and as such have a very tight control over their shipping services. Without additional stops, point-to-point services save time, making sure your cargo arrives when it’s supposed to.

2. Environmentally friendly. Not only do you cave time with door to door transport, you save energy and that helps the environment. And you can use recycled boxes and containers to ship your goods. Contact your purchasing agents in USA about eco-friendly advantages of using air and ocean partners.

3. Less damage. If there are decreased stops and decreased transfers, that means less people handling your cargo. Less people handling it means less damage. Decrease the risk of damage to your cargo by using door-to-door transport to ensure you always deliver the highest quality product you can.

4. Anything to anywhere. Shipping fresh produce or meats? No problem. Some insulated packaging and dry ice will preserve food for up to two full days. Shipping to South America? Planes go to South America all the time. For shipping just about anything to just about anywhere, door to door transport is possible and efficient.

Air cargo services help the world go round by making sure cargo gets to where it needs to be in a timely, eco-friendly manner while still delivering the highest quality cargo possible. Limited additional stops makes maximum use of time and energy and decreased damage to your cargo. Ship internationally or domestically by air. Join the many people that have contacted their purchasing agents in USA about air and ocean shipping.

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