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The primary goal of holistic care is to fix and treat the root cause of health problems or diseases, as opposed being a treatment for symptoms. A patient is not defined according to their condition. The holistic practitioners collaborate alongside their patients in order to understand them and their conditions for the most appropriate treatment options to treat their conditions. The goal is to prevent illness as the principal goal in holistic treatment while dealing with a problem is considered to be an additional goal. Holistic treatment will be determined by the interaction between the doctor and the client seeking it. Different types of holistic meds

Holistic treatments are based on many different options, including traditional medical, personal care, lifestyle modifications, education, and complementary and alternative medicines. These are just a few examples treatment options that incorporate holistic elements:

Complementary and Alternative Medicine(CAM)

A holistic physician may prescribe or perform specific therapies such as psychotherapy, music therapy massage, hypnosis, the reiki method, reflexology chiropractor care, manual therapy, biomolecular therapies, herbal medicine, treatment for physical injuries, Chinese and orientational therapies Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Ayurveda pulse acupuncture, homeopathy.

Education and lifestyle changes

A holistic practitioner will educate their patients on ways they can make lifestyle changes such as self-care techniques and resolving unhealthy routines. They can offer counseling for spirituality as well as relationships, Tai chi and yoga, as well in self-massage and meditation.

Traditional treatments

The vast majority of holistic practitioners make use of a blend of surgical procedures , traditional medications, along with alternatives and complementary therapies. The procedures include radiotherapy, surgeries as well as chemotherapy and prescribing.


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