Behind The Growth Of The Transportation Industry

The transportation industry has long been a thriving one in many countries throughout the world. The country of Canada is certainly no exception. After all, Canada utilizes many different aspects of transport for many different purposes, and this industry has even become deeply important for the economy and the people of Canada as well.

This can be seen quite clearly indeed when we take a look at the job creation rates that have become directly possible as a result of the transportation industry. At the current date, for instance, more than 400,000 people (very nearly a full half of a million) are employed in various aspects of this industry of transportation. Of these employees, more than half of them are employed as truckers and in the field of trucking alone. In the years that are to come, the importance of transportation in terms of employment and economy is certainly only likely to climb and climb.

And when we look at transportation as an industry, in Canada and in many places elsewhere, it is hugely important to look primarily at the world of trucking. From the container trucking company to companies that specialize in heavy haul trucking to even other types of trucking companies, much of the industry as a whole is made up through trucking and companies like your typical container trucking company. It is particularly for hire trucking firms (which your average container trucking company can certainly fall into) that make up the brunt of all shipping that is done by transportation companies in their entirety. As a matter of fact, such companies are responsible for as much as a full 80% of all tonnage that is ultimately shipped intra provincially. Therefore, the container trucking company and other such transportation and trucking companies play a hugely important role for the distribution of goods throughout Canada as an entity.

Of course, trucking is hugely important when it comes to trade as well, particularly when it comes to trade with the United States, Canada’s neighbor to the South. As a matter of fact, the majority of trade that occurs between these two countries will occur through the use of trucks and trucking companies like your typical container trucking company that has been mentioned above. The statistics that have been gathered on the subject more than back up this claim, as they show that more than half of all of the trade moving from Canada into the United States is conducted by truck (around two thirds of it, to be just a little bit more exact). In addition to this, more than three quarters (around 80%, to again be just a bit more exact and precise in these percentages) of all trade moving from the United States and into the country of Canada will also be conducted via truck and not through other means of transportation.

And still trucking and other elements of transportation play even more roles throughout Canada – and bolster up other industries. For instance, the industries of warehousing and distribution services have become more important than ever before. From the transport of food goods to other such goods, warehousing for food storage and beyond has very much been on the rise over the course of recent years. In many ways, this can actually also be attributed to the growth of e-commerce all throughout the world, something that has bolstered the transportation industries of many countries as well, certainly not excluding the country of Canada. In the years that are to come, growth in all of these areas is highly likely to continue, no doubt about it.

At the end of the day, there is no denying the rise that the transportation industry of Canada has experienced, particularly in regards to aspects of this industry like the average container trucking company (though certainly not limited to it by any means). For many people, the growth of the transportation industry as a whole and in many parts of the world has been hugely beneficial indeed, allowing them to access more goods and bigger varieties of products than what would have otherwise even been possible. In Canada and other places, job creation in this industry has also proven to be quite impressive indeed.

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