Be The Talk Of The Conference With A Custom Exhibit

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Are you the owner of a medium to large sized company who visits a number of trade shows every year? Perhaps you are just breaking onto the scene in your particular industry, but you know that having a presence at nationwide trade shows will be on your agenda. Whatever your situation may be there are a few things to know about how best to appeal to future vendors, clients, or customers during a trade show. One of the most important? Your exhibit. The way your particular booth looks and what it says will probably “speak” to trade show attendees before you will. Having custom exhibits designed is one way to make sure your company’s exhibit gives off a great first impression. Here’s how:

1. Color Variety – If you are looking for trade show booth ideas and planning on having someone design custom exhibits for your company, start my choosing the color. What the experts will tell you is that the standard rule of thumb is to use only three colors throughout your booth. The main reason for this is to keep the focus on getting your message across in the least amount of time. If you use more than three colors you will end up making the booth feel busy and, even worse, confuse your main message.

2. Graphics Expertise – Another reason to hire someone to build custom exhibits for you is the amount of graphics expertise they hold. For instance, it’s common for exhibit design companies to recommend three main types of graphics for the booth they are creating for your company. The type of graphics are long-range, medium-range, and short-range, and your decision to use them will depend on how far away attendees stand from your booth. For this decision your designer will most likely ask you for a map of the trade show or conference so that they can determine how far away the attendees will be standing.

3. Size Versatility – Another reason that companies all across the country love working with trade show booth builders for custom exhibits is the fact that they can usually build exactly the size and shape you are looking for. Depending on the trade show or conference you will be using your exhibit at, you may need something for a corner, or you may need something tall for maximum exposure. Try to make versatility a priority while selecting a booth size so that it can be modified to exactly what you need. This will allow you to increase or decrease your trade show impact while maintaining the visually stimulating elements of your booth.

As you can see by now, custom trade show exhibits offer so much to their customers. Not only can you be assured that your booth will make a great first impression, but you’ll also be taking advice from the experts and given tons of variety to choose from. Talk to exhibit design firms about your upcoming trade show or conference and share your vision with them. They can turn your ideas into reality!

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