Are You Protecting Your Identity As Well As You Should Be?

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What Is Identity Theft?

When personal information is stolen to commit fraud, such as names and social security numbers, this is considered identity theft. This information can be used to apply for credit and file taxes under someone else’s name and history. This type of fraud is highly illegal and can occur in different ways.

Identity theft of a child is one type of fraud that is relatively common and unlikely to be detected. Children are not likely to know that their identity has been stolen, until they legally become adults. However, by then it can be very difficult to fix issues caused by the fraud.

Another type of identity theft is known as tax identity theft, in which the individual uses fraudulently received information to file new tax returns with the government. Medical identity theft is another type that occurs when someone steals information to gain health insurance or medical care. While these are the most common types of identity theft, it can also take place as senior ID theft and social ID theft. Regardless of the method or reason, identity theft causes much harm for those involved.

The Challenge

To protect ourselves and our information, necessary steps must be taken to prevent identity theft. If we can successfully protect ourselves, fewer identity thefts would occur. About one in 16 adults in the United States were victims of identity theft in the year 2016, alone.

The Solution: On Site Document Shredding

On site document shredding services allow individuals and companies alike to significantly protect themselves. This is because almost all cases of identity theft come from sources of printed information, rather than electronic information. By leaving papers around with important information, thieves can easily find the information without having to crack any passwords or hack into a computer system.

When individuals and companies partake in documents shredding and paper shredding, such as on site document shredding services, they are able to completely protect themselves. By shredding these print sources, thieves are unable to gather all of the necessary information. This makes committing identity theft much more difficult, and these individuals are successfully stopped.

For example, individuals should be sure to shred credit reports, receipts, bank and other account statements, and expired cards. Businesses and companies should be sure to shred any documents that contain personal information for employees or clients, as soon as they are finished using the documents. This ensures that proper steps are taken to protect individuals’ identities and put a stop to identity theft.

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