Are You Preparing a New Booth for a Trade Show?

Trade show marketing

For as much work as they require to pull off successfully in some cases, they’re well worth the effort. Trade shows provide the perfect platform — pun intended — for a business to personally show off its products and services to large crowds of individual customers and visiting businesses. Custom exhibit designs offer vendors the opportunity to show their potential customers what their business is about at a glance, while at the same time design graphics and presentations that can compete with other vendors.
Trade shows provide a great opportunity for businesses to personally advertise their service or product to large groups of people, and a chance to receive excellent exposure. Hundreds of companies vie for attention at these shows and a smart-minded business person will not only have a strategy that allows them to stand out from the competition, but also be remembered by attendees long after the show ends. Studies conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research indicate that visitors peruse a display only three to five seconds before making the decision to walk on or stop to talk. An attention-getting trade show booth design is critical and must create a first impression that generates undeniable interest in the people passing by the space.
Five Elements of Awesome Trade Show Booth Designs Include:

  • Interactive exhibits.
    In the last decade the need for interactive exhibit designs has become more important. A few years ago, drones were a popular interactive part of many trade show custom exhibits. Encouraging customers to interact with a product as a means of engaging with you is a staple of quality custom exhibits.
  • Provide Rest.
    Studies indicate that average U.S. trade show visitor spends somewhere between nine and ten hours viewing exhibits.
    and while you may not be able to provide a physical resting spot for these visitors, your boot design can provide a visual break. Through the use of well planned white space, a less crowded booth can actually draw visitors into your space and encourage them to slow for awhile. According to the basics of booth design graphics, a booth should be 40% empty space. Design guidelines indicate that almost half of the graphics space should be totally blank. Some experts feel that what the message does not say is just as important as what it does say.
  • Match the Event.
    It should come as no surprise that the biggest trade shows take place in some very popular locations. In fact, About 50% of the largest 200 shows in America take place in just three cities: Chicago, Las Vegas, and Orlando. A custom exhibit design in Las Vegas, for example, could match the theme of gambling and night life or the theme of the trade show itself. An Orlando custom exhibit design might include bright colors and beach ware. Even trade show designs that need to travel from one location to another, can have some parts that switch out from one even to another.
  • Aisle Recruitment.
    Remember your purpose. A trade show is about making contacts. These contacts will not happen if the personnel running the booth are not working the aisles. Simply standing behind the front table of the booth keeps a boundary between you and the potential customers. Instead, make sure that at least one of the trade show personnel staff is in the aisle inviting the potential customers to your space.
  • Something Extra.
    Having a unique give away is key to any trade show booth. A great give away in Las Vegas, for example might be a Moscow Mule mug. What about a cushioned foot mat that provides a safe landing place for visitors to your trade show booth. The extra somethings have to be unique, but not necessarily expensive. Keeping current about what the latest gadgets are is a step toward understanding what customers might like. It is a pretty good guess, however, that a comfortable place to rest is a good start.

Custom exhibit design is a combination of interactive exhibits, providing rest, matching the event, aisle recruitment, and something extra. Making the most of trade show opportunities leads to additional sales calls and potential customers. Creating a memorable booth serves the marketing goals of any firm, whether they are a data storage center or bank.


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