Are You Looking for New Office Space?

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What if you could find the office space you need as easily as you can locate the hotel rooms you need when you travel? What if you could simply type in a location and other requirements that you have for your desired office space and find exactly what you are looking for? Whether you are looking for cheap office spaces for rent or well equipped more expensive office rentals, a listing service may be the exact tool you need to find the perfect match
What are you looking for in your next office space?

  • A location outside of your home so that you can offer customers a brick and mortar location for meeting.
  • An easy to access location with convenient parking options.
  • An office space that comes equipped with secretarial and copy room services?
  • A modern office space that will impress your potential clients.
  • A large temporary space for the increased number of seasonal workers you employ.
  • A long term lease that can help you establish a permanent location for your accounting services.

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), small business is defined as a company that has fewer than 500 employees. By this definition, there are currently 28 million small businesses in America. While many of these companies have their own permanent space that they own or lease, many initially start as in home businesses that have outgrown their current locations.
When these businesses reach the point where they need to expand into a more formal space, a listing service can often provide a place to start their search. By answering a few simple questions, these list services can offer locations that match very specific search requirements.
Some of the essential information you need to provide includes the following:

  • What is the zip code for your ideal rent office space?
  • How much rent are you willing to pay? Are you searching for cheap office spaces for rent, or expensive executive space?
  • Do you need the office space to include secretaries and other staff?
  • Do you need to rent office furniture?
  • What is the expected length of your lease?
  • How much space do you need?

Whether you are looking for temporary office space for an extra number of staff members during your busiest season, or whether you are looking for a long term lease for several hundred permanent employees, one of the best options for finding cheap office spaces for rent is a listing service that helps you understand the available options. Fortunately, office space leases are very flexible. You will find the space you need whether you are looking for a one year or ten year lease. Are you ready to begin your search?

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