Are You in Charge of Ordering Your Company’s Supplies for Next Year?

The beginning of a New Year is a busy time as many companies prepare supply lists for the next 12 months. And while the Defense Logistics Agency’s Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) programs are more detailed than the supplies that most of us need. The use of TLS government contracts, however, provide an affordable and efficient way to plan for the nest year. In fact, there are many kinds of operational solutions that help agencies of all size get the supplies that they need. From special operational equipment to fire and emergency services equipment, it is possible for many organizations to affordably get the supplies and materials that they most need.

From defense contractors to TLS government contractors that can help fill the need for many agencies and non profits, it is important to check into all of the available resources that might have access to.

Government Buyers and Suppliers Play Important Roles in the Nation’s Economy

Tailored logistics support programs can seem more complicated than they really are. In fact, if you spend time working through the process you may find that the ordering and budgeting that you need to do may be easier if you work with the latest GSA security schedule. For instance, government buyers spent nearly $1.2 billion through the GSA Security Schedule in fiscal year 2017. This amount filters down to companies that make their way onto the government suppliers list, and then to the communities where those suppliers live and operate their businesses.

Known as Special Item Numbers (SINs), the GSA Security Schedule includes more than 100 of these subcategories. Finding the right resources for the items that need to be ordered at the beginning of the year can be a challenge, buy many government agencies can help themselves out by first employing and exhausting the recommended list of suppliers.

And while many people think about the small items that government offices need to order, the reality is that there are also many large purchases made as well. In fact, GSA procures more than 65,000 vehicles every year, amounting to more than $1 billion in high quality vehicles, as well as automotive services.

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