Are You Getting Ready to Attend Your First Trade Show?

Exhibition design portfolio

After two years of relying on word of mouth, social media, and a fairly basic website, the two retired teachers decided to invest in a booth space at a home school educators conference. New to the world of exhibit booth design, the writing teachers decided to see if a booth would help them grow their customer base for the scholarship essay writing service that they provided. They quickly realized, however, that although they were experts in writing and creating text with impact, they knew little about the world of exhibit booth design.
As a result, they made the decision to not only pay for the booth space, they also decided to work with a consulting team that could help them create a space that explain their service and get the attention of a new group of potential customers.
Trade Show Booth Designs Must Have a Way to Stand Out from the Crowd of Other Exhibitions
Whether you are a small business of two former high school writing teachers or you are a sales team for a large data storage center, trade show exhibit designs give your company a chance to distinguish itself from the competitors. Paying attention to a few basic exhibit booth design guidelines will help you make the most of your registration fee:

  • Remember That a Trade Show Booth Design is an Investment No matter the size of your company, it is best to approach an upcoming trade show as another investment in your business. While some trade show exhibitor fees are small, others can be very expensive. So not only are you investing in the space you will have, you should also invest in the materials that you will bring. Top quality printed materials are worth the money. Rather than haphazardly throwing together a few pieces, it is is better to invest in display signs, table covers, and other needed items that can be uses over and over.
  • Interactive Exhibit Designs Invite Visitors to Your Booth Whether it is a game that someone can play to determine a prize or a drone that can hover over the crowd, an interactive exhibit booth design can help you stand out from the other vendors. Cleverly designed photo boots or simple quiz questions that you can ask potential clients, finding a way to interact with the exhibition attendees pays off. A customer who is looking for a future service, for example, may well remember that quirky question you asked as they were passing by when they get ready to hire a company.
  • Take Advantage of All of the Options at a Trade Show Arriving at the booth the morning of a show and finding out that your name is not in the program is not a great way to start the day. It is important to take advantage of all of the marketing opportunities that you have at any given event. Asking for a proof of the program guide, for instance, can help you make sure that you are maximizing your business’s exposure. If vendors are also allowed to supply a handout, whether in the form of a flyer or single item giveaway, take advantage of every opportunity.
  • Position Matters There is a reason that end booths and entrance and exit booths cost more. REsearchers know that these locations attract more attention. Visitors, for example, are very likely to stop at the first booth that they see. Though they may weary of the frequent stops later in the day, they will almost always give their full attention to the first booth that they see when they enter an exhibition hall.
  • You Want to be the Cool Booth By interacting with other vendors and stepping outside of your booth space, you will present yourself as the friendly, cool vendors that everyone wants to visit. The freebies and the flyers are nice, but if you do not come across as likable you will likely have no impact on future customers. The average trade show visitor in America spends 9.5 hours viewing exhibits. You want the minutes spent with you to be memorable. And with an average of 2.2 trade show visitors for every 100 square feet of exhibit space, it is important to make the most of every minute.

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