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n unavoidable event. Being aware of hair loss in the early stages can help you retain your hair. Here are some helpful tips that will help you identify indications of hair loss.

Every person sheds around 100 hairs per day. Loss of hair in normal times occurs to women and men. However, there are hormonal issues, as well as other factors that could cause permanent hair loss. These warning signs are easy to identify and will help you stop permanent loss of hair.

The first thing to keep focus on is the hairline on the front. Most of the time, balding occurs around the temples or along areas of the frontal hairline. It is the reason why some males get what’s known as widow’s peak.

The second major region that hair loss occurs in is the crown area of your head. Your crown, as well as your temples are the most susceptible to loss of hair. Use a small handheld mirror to look at the crown of your head to see bald patches. Be careful not to become obsessive about the issue. Stress can also lead to loss of hair. A regular check-up every two months and taking pictures throughout the month could identify any receding or growing bald spots.

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