An Overview of LTL Freight Shipping and What They Can Ship

Shipping services can deliver just about anything in the year 2019. There are a number of shipping services currently available, including expedited freight, oversize freight, specialty freight, and one known as LTL shipping. What is LTL shipping? Well, the official LTL shipping definition stands for “Less Than Load” shipping and refers to a service that ships very small, or relatively small items. These LTL shipping services can be used for a number of purposes, including transporting trade show freight.

LTL shipping, because it focuses on shipping relatively small items, mostly focuses on transporting small parcels and freight that weighs less than 150 pounds. This weight limit automatically excludes larger freight shipments from LTL shipping. However, despite these weight restrictions, LTL shipping can be useful if you need something transported to a trade show you are planning on attending.

LTL shipping is actually very important for transporting trade show freight, which might consist of the equipment for trade show booths and other trade show related supplies. Trade shows are events held in convention centers all across the United States. There are literally hundreds of trade shows held each year all across the country, and it’s important that trade show booths be shipped to their destination in a prompt manner.

Now while LTL shipping does carry smaller items, that doesn’t automatically guarantee that the cost of shipping will be less. A lot of times the cost of shipping freight, even LTL freight, will depend on what is being shipped and how far it is being shipped. The price can vary, but it is still worth it because the service is skilled with safely transporting these items across the country.

In conclusion, LTL shipping is a service that focuses on transporting smaller freight items compared to other shipping services. LTL stands for “less than load” and ranges anywhere from small parcels to freight that weighs less than 150 pounds. LTL shipping is particularly beneficial for transporting trade show freight, which can consist of trade show booths and other equipment related to trade shows. Since this kind of freight is relatively lightweight, LTL shipping is the way to go if you need your trade show booth safely transported for a convention you plan on attending.

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