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If you are a freelancer, independent business owner, an artist, or simply just work from home, you are well aware of the difficulties that come from living and working in the same place. For many, it is the perfect recipe to get distracted, or become totally stir-crazy with cabin fever. The debate is inevitably this: Should you rent an office space?

Obviously, a major issue is cost. It is the cost of an office rental space worth it? If you are worried about this issue, a popular option is serviced offices. In the world where a major hassle is whether or not you should rent an office space, service offices popped up to serve new or small businesses, but require inexpensive and flexible office rental space.

With the perfect balance of coming and going, serviced office space is perfect for a client or employee meeting, but it also allows to get out of the office and not be charged for a space that is not being used. It is especially handy as the entire serviced office rental comes supplied with many necessary tools for business, included copy and faxing machines, printing, a kitchenette (with coffee!), and other important resources.

But in case you cannot find an office space to rent because of other issues, but still want to maintain an air of professional reputability, an online virtual office is another excellent means to rent an office space. There is also no need to maintain a physical space with cumbersome equipment and other people.

These two alternative methods of running an office without fully running an office are an incredibly new and very popular option to all sorts of people in the business world. Most importantly, it proves a professional atmosphere which surrounds your work in every step of the process. This revitalizing energy is an excellent draw for potentially employees as well, as they can sense the positive vibe of the business as it is embodied in the office, whether it be physical or virtual.

And what have we learned is the most important thing about business from Liz Lemon? Synergy!

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