All You Need To Know About Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are most often used when shipping large items. Stores that receive a lot of shipping have lots of wood pallets. While many companies may be tempted to dispose of these pallets after a single use, these tools can be reused and refurbished for years to come. If you are lucky enough, you can get some for free or better still at a low cost.

If you’re interested in investing in the best wood pallets Atlanta has to offer, here’s what you should know about these innovative products.

Wood Species Used To Make Wood Pallets

A recent statistic by the USDA and Virginia Tech discovered that out of all the types of wood which are used to make wood pallets, the Southern Yellow Pine made up to 18.9%. Oak, on the other hand, came second with 17.1%. In short, these are the most common types of wood pallet that companies throughout the United States use, including Atlanta.

Southern Yellow Pine is commonly preferred since it is readily available and comes at cheap cost to both manufacturers, distributors, and buyers alike. When kiln-dried, pine lumber provides clean products that can be used in a host of applications, such as food-related industries and pharmaceuticals.

Oak is another popular options since it is strong and also readily available. However, it is typically cut to be more profitable, yielding leftovers that are not fit for making furniture or other products other than pallets. Oak is also known to be a strong wood species and, therefore, Atlanta wood pallet customers have realized that using this hardwood lumber offers thinner components and fewer boards on Southern Yellow Pine pallets.

Is a Pallet Safe for Use? How to Know

Pallets for sale today typically rely on a number of industry standards to prove their safety. Many have IPPC logo to show whether they were fumigated with Methyl Bromide or were head treated to get rid of woodlice and other pests that could damage the pallet. Some companies will also indicate HT for Heat Treatment or MB standing for Methyl Bromide and a further DB, which signifies that the wood has been debarked. When you’re looking for wood pallets Atlanta companies are able to ensure that their pallets have a standard 2 letter country code and a 3 unique number assigned by NPPO, National Plant Protection Organization.

The main code to look out for is the MB sign. If you don’t see the IPPC logo on the wood pallets Atlanta has to offer, then you know it is not safe. Be sure to talk to your provider regarding the treatment used on their pallets for sale before you make a final purchase. Lastly, you should be careful about what has been spilled on the pallets if they are reused or refurbished.

According to a recent statistic, online saw sales increased by 7.7% in 2018 alone. When you want to ensure that your supply keeps up with your demand, be sure you invest in the best wood pallets Atlanta has to offer: with us, you never need to worry about the quality of your pallets. Call us today for more information.

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