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The in the video “Introducing art during Back to School for Preschoolers and Toddlers” has the best advice on how to set the table for art and how to educate kids that age about their creativity. We’ll find out more!

Teachers use a specific way to set up the table for art. This is because twoor three year olds can be easily distracted and can get lost. Start by covering the table with sheets of paper. The paper will permit toddlers to draw anyplace they’d like and not cause damage to furniture. It is best to use a paper roll since it’s more affordable and more convenient to use.

The edges should be taped around the table so that it is held in place. A great trick to remember is to get rid of the chairs entirely. Children are much more mobile and would like to run around drawing. The earlier they get the more comfortable. Chairs can hinder that.

To find out more details about toddler activities, go through the entire video.


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