A Closer Look At The Growth Of The Transportation Industry Here In The United States

There is no doubt about it that the transportation industry found here in the United States has grown quite immensely over the course of recent years. In fact, very nearly six million commercial motor vehicle drivers are currently employed all throughout the country, contributing to a great deal of employment from one end of the United States to the next. In total, there are more than 11 million various vehicles currently in the role of moving goods from one end of the country to the next. These vehicles range from trucks (one of the most prominent forms of transport in today’s day and age) as well as rail cars, locomotives, and various other vessels found not just here in the United States but in many other parts of the world as well.

The data backs up the growth of the transportation world in the United States – not just in size, but in value as well. In fact, the year of 2013 (now more than five years ago), the value of freight per ton of cargo was priced at a value of just over $880 at the end of the day. By the time that we reach the year of 2040, now only just twenty years away, however, this number is expected to have risen exponentially. In fact, this value will surpass $1,300 for each and every ton by that year – and will likely only continue to climb and climb after that.

With the jump in the need for cargo transport, new technologies have needed to come into play. For instance, load board integration has come more into use than ever before. For though load board integration has been in use for quite some time at this point, the use of TMS with load board integration has become more essential than ever before as the value and the sheer amount of objects and various types of cargo being shipped has considered to rise and to rise. TMS with load board integrations can be seen in use all throughout the United States – and even in a number of countries considerably beyond it as well, something that’s important to keep in mind when we think about the scope and the importance of the need for global transportation and the global transportation industry as a whole.

When using a TMS with load board integration system, there are a number of things that you will need to keep in mind. For example, there are a number of different types of land boards. With any given load board integration system, this will need to be taken into account, as you will of course want to find the best load board possible for your purposes in using it – or, more likely, for the purposes of the transportation company and in the transportation industry as a whole, of course. Using the wrong type of load board integration system or transportation broker software system (as there are also a number of different types of transportation broker software out there as well), your overall efficiency and output is likely to decline quite significantly.

But it’s also hugely important to understand the why of it all, as understanding this concept will help many a transportation company here in the United States better plan for their future growth and the use of future technologies (though still likely including the typical load board integration system, of course). The answer is a simple one: e-commerce. E-commerce has become so successful here in the United States and all throughout the world that it already has a global market value that currently exceeds $420 billion, a number that is only likely to continue growing and growing exponentially in the years that are to come.

After all, shopping on any given online platform is likely a hugely easy thing to do, one that requires little time and even less effort. For many people, this uncomplicates life significantly, making the vast and growing world of e-commerce an incredibly prosperous one. And in the years to come, it’ll only be more so.

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